2: A Capability Development Framework

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Therefore, of the three,

Therefore, of the three,

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I quit my high paying job, too.I've been travelling for about five months now.Still not sure what the long term holds.Maybe I just needed a break and will go back or maybe I'm just done with that life. I quit because I could afford to and I hated sitting at a desk all day long.As someone pointed out in the comments, this is the highest possible first world problem to achieve.Guilty.Doesn't change the fact that work is about earning money to live the life you want.Once you've earned enough and you're not living the life you want, why wouldn't you change?I'm guess, people are still driven by fear and not believing in themselves.

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Nice video! Can't press enough the importance of starting small! Starting with a big project will most likely result in a big failure.One question: 13:40 Couldn't you have used an enum?

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This is amazing. How did you collect the stats at the end?


I think it'll be awesome whoever you feed the grasshoppers to! they're so big, it should be entertaining no matter what!


I cried at the part where he looked at the picture of him as a baby with his loving mother <3


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wait for Xbox Scarlett before making a video like this. I think they are working harder on next gen games to make a massive wave in the gaming world

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Thank you so much sir

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I don't wanna start anything here, but the first time I heard about using the M1 ping to fool your enemy was, and I'm kind of sure through one of Ians Videos.I'm not gonna search it up, because he has like 20 Garandvideos... but I'm pretty sure I heard it from here. Now he could have just quoted some muth in there, but in the end I kind of bought it and this is basically what keeps these myths alive.Oh yeah and 30:27 2 bearded guys sitting on a bed talking about gun myths, and then he's doing this with his hand there... like high school girls talking about boys


2018 anyone?

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If I have to pick one game for THE best game for me, it would be transistorThe music and the art, oh my god they are so amazingly beautiful and hit me hard at the right time when i first played it, and can easily make it one of the best games I ever play. I still frequently listen to the album on spotify, probably watched all the live video on youtube, and my desktop wallpaper is an art of cloudbank. But there is one thing that is even more special that transistor have that makes it THE best game for me:The gameplay mechanic, the function system. It blew my mind that you can make crazy combinations and anything is possible however you'd like to try and combine them. Especially as I grow up and become a game programmer now, I really admire their design and programming team because to make such mechanic possible will require some clean structure (or a complex one that would need hard work), and that really inspire me to be a good game programmer. I like to ask newer programmers in my company what kind of mechanic they want to learn to make, and after that I'd tell them that mine is Transistor function system. I really love the game and I really admire you guys at supergiant games, thanks

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Such a genuine guy. Great to see such an honest and open face in the sea of corporate swines.

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today I'm going for an interview today.. Thnxx for let me out from that fear

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29:00 some would say apex because of the fast movement brings political play with third partying by reducing the travel time and giving more information

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Well this is class 10

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sir commune app is only for android no tfor ios and pc