5 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen

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651-259-7423 or 1-877-653-8333.

651-259-7423 or 1-877-653-8333.

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Information on domestic tuition fees is

Information on domestic tuition fees is

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What kind of follow

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StateMachine Transitions.

StateMachine Transitions.

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It’s a great opportunity for our economies...bringing back manufacturing to some countries! We won the Cold War through economic means against the Soviets...its time to end to chinas communist regime by bringing manufacturing back to the USA and other countries.

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Clay Aiken? Omg


My dear, i guess the title of the video is wrong, but it's all fine, good vid.

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You are great 'ex-google ex-facebook tech lead' !

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India Will have invited Islamic fighters around the world to come to your countrywait and see...Where OKI organization?

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I love Functional Programming. Wish more people had the state of mind for it.

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8:47 What's this animation doing here??


Does this still work in 2020??

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is it cheaper to develop film at home or to get it done at a lab?


as fps gamers, we owe everything to the early days of id.

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Passionate and interesting to listen to! My students really enjoyed this


You know I thought you lost your mind in the first few minutes of the video but toward the end I realized your right I even stopped going to Microsoft and preferred the PC because I wanted a hybrid to play across platforms when they made cross play. I think their main problem though besides the poor decisions they made with X1 is that their exclusives are trash. Halo 5 is trash because they ruined the story, but I'm not exactly surprised Halo 4 while not the worst didn't give them a lot of lanes although I kinda wished they kept her and the forerunners dead and focused on primarily the covenant VS unsc. Besides that GOW4 ruined the series, I thought GOW3 was terrible, but I was wrong GOW4 came in with the new generation of characters that sucked and ultimately made me quit it all together because they are nothing like the original characters just annoying kids. I still have hope as just with call of duty I thought they had done all they could do with modern warfare and then MW came out and I was blown away and sucked back straight into the story. Admittingly it has a few irritatting things I would've changed, but overall it was awesome can't wait for the sequel.



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Ms is betrayer...dont trust them at all...