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System was created relative to international

System was created relative to international

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Do what is important!

Do what is important!

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That little Walther tin is really neat.

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Excellent video. Interesting concept Winchester was taking with new ideas. Mag feed, select fire, etc. I considered doing a magazine mod on a Garand many years ago. Would have succeeded if not for the love shooting and working on other gas guns M1A, FN49, HK91, etc. I was however limited to BAR mags. You are correct, far to expensive to manufacture the mags. Can't wait to see your other videos. Thanks

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If I will score good marks in will bejust becoz of u sir.....

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That is a lot of fanart i make some too... maybe...



play crush crush next


How did he make a game without programming?

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Thank you so much sir ji.Nice work


What about React Native Fabric? From what I heard it’s a re-write from the ground up to solve a lot of the issues RN is facing

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Sir i have a problem, when i log in. I want automatically Create button on another jframe . Plz help


Hi, Can one learn XTHML and CSS and become a free lancer professional web designer? or is it an old technology?

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This is a documentary about china making strides growing rice in salty sand and yes I was happy for them until they did this!!!!!!!!!!!! 13:23 there are millions of chinese still starving, you don't need to show black kids tagged with hunger! how about ending the cycle of racism. There are perfectly fine hungry kids in china for this documentary!

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Hahaha deep learning neural networks.. are the most stupid hype have to manage very well structure data and patterns because deep learning is not more nor less than a mere classification statistic method that needs tons of data for gettinga trivial job done..

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Mmm, Morula pie!!

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stop ignoring most fucking crates and boxes, for fuck sake!

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life is pain

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Sir Maine kitni bar comment dala ki history ke chapter 5,6 ke video banaiye par aap bana hi nhi rahe hai


great video, it helps me a lot.